Ultracycling und Alpenpaesse

Interview on the Ohio RAAM show

On Tuesday I had the pleasure  to talk to Lee Kreider on the Ohio RAAM show. During the half  hour show Lee anounced some news about the Race Across America 2014. It was sad to hear,  that Seana Hogan won’t be able to start this year. And also Scott Ragsdale  won’t be able to participate. Bad news for me, because I was really interested  to  see which philosophy of  training would be the better one, Marko Baloh’s hard training  with some really  long rides (10 to 14 hours) or my own training with rides no longer than five or maybe six hours. Anyway, I hope both will get well very soon!

Then we talked for about twenty or twentyfife minutes about RAAM and how I got involved in Ultracycling. You can see the Interview on or on  Lee’s YouTube  channel.

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